Dao Lu, Chaoyang of Cantonese, was born in Vietnam in 1954. He had a strong desire for drawing when he was kid. And started to learn from the painter Liang, Shaohong in the Lingnan style in 1974. 

He made every effort to study sketching and got great, successful results from observing things in profile. He is especially good at drawing flowers, animals, the human figure, and landscapes. Besides, he combined impressionism to make painting more colorful and brilliant. He applied the method of splashing color lotus to achieve special effects. The painting is surrounded by colors to make it into a new creative form. 

He participated in the international art exhibition and hold personal exhibition more than 20 times all around the USA, China, Vietnam and South East Asia. His book (Lu-Dao paintings published in 1995) and his paintings were collected by famous art organizations and many fans.